Capacity Development Workshop on "Application of Desinventar, Riskinfo and GNSS"

Workshop on Application of DesinventarMitigation, Research, and Development division of Disaster Management Center (DMC) conducted a 4 day residential capacity building workshop on the use of Desinventar, Riskinfo web platforms, and GNSS technology during the period from 18th to 21st August 2020 at Hector Kobbekaduwa Agrarian Research and Training Institute.

Around 50 District Disaster Management assistant from 25 districts participated in the capacity building program during 18th to 20th August 2020 while military officials from 25 districts participated during the final day (21st August 2020) of the program. The workshop was conducted by the officers from the Disaster Management Center in relevant fields and the overall objective of the workshop is to increase the national capacity of District Disaster Management professionals of DMC.

photos covering the occasion has been posted on Facebook.


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