Duties and Responsibilities of the Emergency Operation Center

Emergency Operation is established to coordinate all response agencies at a disaster to minimize the adverse effect of the disasters. This center is working with military and police in 24 hours basis.

Main Activities of EOC & Early Warning Division

  • Develop SOPs at National/District/Divisional/Community level.
  • Prepare National Emergency Operation Plan-NEOP
  • Verify & Analyze Information Receiving from Various Local/Intl. Agencies.
  • Early Warning & Dissemination of Information to Vulnerable Communities.
  • Coordination of Immediate Relief and Medical Supports.
  • Coordinate SAR Operations and Evacuation Missions.
  • Establishment of Emergency Response Committees.
  • Coordinate with NGOs/ INGOs and other Stakeholders in an Emergency.
  • Coordinate with Military, Coast Guard and Police for Warning and Evacuation.
  • Mobilize Resources with various agencies.
  • Coordinate Emergency Relief Assistance
  • Collection of the Data and provide daily situation reports at 0900hrs, 1200hrs and 1800hrs.

Call Center

General: +94 112 136 136
Emergency Operation Center:+94 112 136 222 /
+94 112 670 002
Fax: +94 11 2670079